History of YOCE

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Objectives of YOCE

Create more possibilities to stimulate intellectual development

1.    The target group consists in the first place of children up to 7 years. For these children Mieke and Johan have operated in three fields:

  • intellectual education according to the latest educational principles
  • nourishment: the pre-schoolers and the toddlers daily get a varied hot meal
  • health: medical care and prevention especially through hygiene

2.    support and ameliorate the relationship parent/child or foster parent/child
3.    arouse the interest of the local community and engage them actively in this project through

  • strengthening the social and economic network
  • organizing sporting events
  • teaching specific skills to provide more opportunities for employment
  • teaching and supporting particular art forms
  • giving particular attention to girls, women
  • Also, the local community
  • makes the bricks for the school building
  • provides the personnel for taking care of the children before and after school
  • provides the cooks who prepare the daily meals for the pre-schoolers

4.    invite people from the rich West to visit Malawi and Yoce with a view to sensitizing and support.

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